'My mother at my shoulder,  new essay in preparation.

'On pain in a time of pandemic'  new essay being revised.

'Healing powers',  a novel in preparation.

'Conversion'   an essay in St Marks Review, number 249, September/ October 2019

'A Genetic Unitarian' essay in The Journal of South Australian History, No 47, 2019

'Joan Sutherland' a short fiction, Meanjin (summer)  Vol 78, issue 4, 2019

'Diplomats as expatriates'  an essay in the Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature,  2019

Three new poems sent to The Weekend Australian.

Essay on #metoo 'Put your hand in my pocket,' sent off to find a home.

Latest novel 'Entertaining Strangers' out looking for a publisher.

A new book, 'Healing Powers' well underway.

Writing a new novel, 'Entertaining Strangers'

And a new essay, atm titled  'Unitarianism: a lost radicalism'.

'Wire, and again wire,' new essay accepted by Antipodes for 2018.

'Feeling exile'  essay in Island, December 2016

Suite of four poems about Port Willunga, 3 September 2016 in The Weekend Australian.

Finishing a new essay.  Finishing a novel.  Writing poetry.

 With fellow writers, Georgia Blain and Dorothy Johnston I judged the Barbara Jefferis Award

The Nature Conservancy Australia Essay Prize, March 2013
Short-listed and commended for my essay, 'Flaneur in Canterbury'. 
Read it here:

Novel in draft: 'The flight into Egypt'

Second film

Monologue for the shortlisted film, 'When the dreams'

Monologue for a short experimental film by Felix Barbalet, 'When the dreams' which was shortlisted and publicly screened in March 2011 as part of the Lights! Canberra! Action! festival.